The script of the fashion film "Sound From Nowhere" directed by Adrián Martín Salvador for Scalpers AW23 Campaign is based on the poem I wrote: "The Dragon Flyer", inspired by an imaginary story about two teenagers living in Chorley, UK, during the 90's.
The Dragon Flyer
Running inwards
Chasing an autumn memory
The black crow whistles
The murmur of the meadow
All is stillness, silence, expectation
I cry out to you from the other side
But you don't hear me
‘Cause you’re staring at the horizon
Following with your gaze the infinite line
Separating us from oblivion
Uniting us in a song
I think it's a rock song
The musical form of dreams
And nightmares
And laughter
And sorrow
I see you effortlessly chasing
A never-ending filament in the sky
Like the strings of your guitar
Like the roller coaster we rode on
The day before yesterday
In Chorley
The 'Dragon Flyer'
Our hair in the wind
We were free
We were euphoric
I can still feel
The emptiness in my stomach
Do you think we'll be remembered,
Just in case, let's write today
These words in the mud
And then let's fall asleep here
Under the trees
Reliving those seconds
When we were so happy
Going so fast
So fleeting, and so strong
Like a thunderstorm
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