Otros Amores I
To meet the light, you must infiltrate in the shadows. One cannot exist or be experienced
without the other. Brightness and darkness are like two lovers who, at the limit of their
passion, attract and repel each other. Two magnets imprisoned in a constant dichotomy
between pure pleasure and unwavering pain. They seek, run, find, and lose each other. It is
a binomial in continuous exchange, an endless movement composed of millions of shades,
hundreds of tonalities.

Otros Amores II
Their fusion is so powerful and overwhelming that it becomes transforming, mutable, growing into something else: like the first stars in the immense blackness of the Universe that collided, giving rise to colour. Contrast is the substantial element of life. All worlds are born out of darkness and created through light: even being a tough kind of love, would you dare to separate them?
OTROS AMORES – Film Project by Martín Salvador
Grace Harumi @graceharumi
Isis Reynolds @isisreynoldss

Directed by Martín Salvador @martinsalvador
Script by Maria Burgués @mariaburgues_
Voice over - Bianca Steck @Bianca.steck
Original Music & Sound Design by Nil Ciuró @nilciuro
Stylist Ana Floubet @anafloubet
Stylist Assistant Sandra Romero @sandraroom
Make Up & Hair Artist - Tina Monzón @tinamonzon.makeup
Casting by Pili Macridachis @pilimac
Director of photography - Sergi Canyellas @sergicg.dop
Focus Puller - Ivi Sofia Koyck @ivi_koyck
Camera Assistant - Andrés Martinez
Gaffer - Celso Barandiaran @celsobarandiaran
Electrician - Carlos Enrique Pérez
Electrician - Romà Cots
Electrician - Gonzalo Felix
Camera Service - Seito Camera @seitocamera
Set Designer - Enea Palmeto @eneapalmeto
FVX effects - Raul Rodriguez
FVX effects - Eduardo
Colorist - Jaume Ponsa @jaume_ponsa_color
LAB Services - CineLab Bucharest @cinelab_romania

Graphic design by Play&Type Studio @playandtypestudio
Handwriting Selva Rodriguez @selvarodriguez
Fashion contributors Patrycja Pagas @patrycjapgas
Producer - Ester Franco @efrancovaron
Produced by Martín Salvador Studio
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