Limited Edition FW23 | Woman
I see my mind as a grand Villa—an asymmetrical house with no entrance, no way out. It boasts infinite corridors and multiple interconnected floors, crafting peculiar shapes that lead nowhere, as in a synaptic maze. The Southern wing basks in sunlight, where the air blows gently through the windows. The Northern wing resides in darkness, filled with cold colors and carrying hidden treasures like a concealed ocean. Mysterious and quiet abode in perpetual hibernation. It reminds me of a great melody I used to hum inside my head. 
I constantly lose myself in this house, disoriented: an unpredictable constant navigation. Its structure resembles an expressionist painting, sharp and elongated, expanding and contracting as you advance, like an accordion or the tumultuous waves of the sea. At times, I feel the ground tremble, the stairs shifting and colliding... The entire space resonates with an eclectic symphony of enigmas, erratic and unsettling, shaping the forever–unknown mansion of my mind.
Limited Edition FW23 |​​​​​​​ Man
Thinking about structures as flesh and bone: buildings are like bodies, a mechanism in perfect synchrony. Tension and flexion form an essential binomial for creating life: a heart beating, tectonic plates holding the Earth... Flashes of energy going in and out: impulses rushing. Hold on a second... Now: ACTION! It has just started.
Sometimes, one tiny movement can make a huge difference on the other side of the planet. Like a hurricane... Like the butterfly effect... Like throwing a stone into the water and chasing the expanding circles... SHHHHT! Can you hear the rolling noise? Recording a live action, creating parallel motion: one natural, one artificial, both unfolding simultaneously. Magical illusion before our eyes.
Limited Edition FW23 @massimodutti

Starring @rebeccalongendyke @cyriellellnd @ylangmess @jishuyan0605

Thanks @covadongaav @ildara

Film Director @martinsalvador
DOP @sergicg.dop
Assistant Film Director @mariaburgues_

Creative Director @benkelwaystudio
Fashion Director @elodiedavid
Casting Director @julialangecasting
Make up Artist @petros_petrohilos
Hair Stylist @kalle_eklund
Producton @mamma_team

BTS @sara___guerrero

Focus Puller @csardesousa
Steadicam operator Loïc Andrieu
2nd Camera Assistant Javier Calderón
Gaffer @celsobarandiaran
Spark Greg Besee
Drone Pablo Sotes & Loïc Berne
Sound Jean Françoise Mabire

Original Music & Sound Design @nilciuro
Singer @le.nais
Colorist @jaume_ponsa_color
Compo @artic_pospo
Script and Lyrics by @mariaburgues_
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