Every day, when I go down the street, I see the same faces. I know everyone in this part of the city. They know me too. I bet they think I’m a cool weirdo. But I don’t really care what nobody thinks about me. I believe there’s something unique, something essential within all of us that can be radical, tubular... It’s somewhere between outstanding and amaz... Like UOAH! Extraordinary. We only need to lose ourselves to it. Do not run from your own extremity. It’s the quality that makes you singular, irreplaceable. Like the MC just get on the stage and starts singing, improvising, risking each time he speaks out loud. You must be that frame per second, that instant between one word and the following one: always jumping into the abyss. I know it’s there where I’ll find abundance: on the extreme periphery of emptiness. Just trust yourself. No fear: live bodaciously. 
That’s the only way to reach freedom.
Scalpers AW23 Campaign

Starring Liam Kelly and Gideon Adeniyi
A film by Martin Salvador
Script by Maria Burgués
Narrated by Liam Kelly

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