"Mead" ("Aguamiel" in Spanish) is both a film and song which talks about the often illogical feeling of belonging. This hybrid piece is a poetic collage that portrays several simultaneous stories which are emotionally linked to each other.
Conveyed in double format (Digital and VHS), "Aguamiel" is a visual poem that intertwines different scenes, dancing between the past and the future and accompanied by music, the film's co-protagonist.
"Aguamiel" is an artistic meta-film in which image and sound communicate with each other to build the whole story, but a story talking about themselves.
Film Direction & Editing: Maria Burgués
Music: Jordi Agustí
Song Lyrics & Voice: Maria Burgués

Starring: Enric Sant

Special Thanks to:
 Aina Sans
Nel Marqués
Sant Joan de Missa Hermitage
Mongofra Artistic Residence
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